Saturday, August 21, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD


—MPH Outside The Box Scores—

—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Dave R.: 12:25 (135-lbs.)
Anna G.: 9:38 (60-lbs., band strict pull-up)
Andrew S.: 9:59 (73-lbs., strict pull-up)
Stephen K.: 11:45 (95-lbs., 15-12-9 ctb)
Nate S.: 8:41 (95-lbs., pull-up)
Sean G.: 10:59 (135-lbs.)
Jahari H.: 11:55 (95-lbs., ctb pull-up)
Mike L.: 11:34 (95-lbs., ctb pull-up)
Diana G.: 7:35 (85-lbs., fs , sbr)
Patrick T.: 9:52 (95-lbs.)
Mel F.: 10:39 (85-lbs., ctb)
Tara S.: 8:30 (55-lbs., ctb)
Chris C.: 12:02 (135-lbs.)
John N.: 11;14 (85-lbs., pull-up)
Michael F.: 10:29 (85-lbs., pull-up)
Adrienne V.: 9:22 (65-lbs., pull-up)
Tommy H.:10:21 (135-lbs.)
Justin M.:8:47 (85-lbs., ctb)
Ben B.: 11:03 (75-lbs., pull-up)
Greg M.: 11:31 (75-lbs., ctb)
Joe T.: 9:35 (95-lbs., hpc+pp)
Devan H.: 12:11 (115-lbs.)
Kyle H.:7:40 (95-lbs., ctb)
Josh M.: 11:00 (95-lbs., ctb)
Patrick J.: 9:28 (95-lbs., ctb)
Al C.: 10:15 (115-lbs.)