Saturday, October 9, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

front squat 7-7-5-5-5-3-3-3 *Begin each round every three minutes. then, two sets for quality, rest amply between rounds: 1-minute handstand hold max unbroken wall ball @ 20/14-lbs., 10-ft. target *stop at 40 reps*


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Cynthia M.: 195-lbs.
R.J. A.: 185-lbs.
Dave R.: 235-lbs.
Beau R.: 155-lbs.
Anu B.: 115-lbs.
Adriana B.: 105-lbs.
Sarah G.: 45-lbs.
Michael Fo.: 185-lbs.
John N.: 140-lbs.
Andrew B.: 115-lbs.
Walt C.: 175-lbs.
Chris C.: 275-lbs.
Sebastian T.: 155-lbs.
Diana G.: 105-lbs.
Peter O.: 175-lbs.
Edgar J.: 135-lbs.
Peter T.: 165-lbs.
Luke B.: 170-lbs.
Charlie K.: 165-lbs.
Michael H.: 195-lbs.
Francisco L.: 200-lbs.
Lily S.: 115-lbs.
Mike L.: 165-lbs.
Bill G.: 225-lbs.
John J.: 165-lbs.
Sean Q.: 245-lbs.
Rich H.: 260-lbs.
Amr M.: 145-lbs.
Prateek K.: 145-lbs.
Sean G.: 275-lbs.
Josh M.: 135-lbs.
Kate G.: 180-lbs.
Patrick J.: 195-lbs.
Al C.: 195-lbs.

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—