Friday, October 15, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

bench press 3-3-3-3-3-3 *Begin each round every three minutes. then, 2-3 rounds for quality: 8-10 barbell bent over row 8-10 reverse grip barbell bent over row 8-10 barbell upright row


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Cynthia M.: 160*-lbs.
Carlos U.: 165-lbs.
Anna G.: 90-lbs.
Borja G.: 165-lbs.
Andrew S.: 175*-lbs.
Daniel H.: 175-lbs.
Travis H.: 150-lbs.
Andrew Z.: 185-lbs.
Austin S.: 265*-lbs.
Edgar C.: 160*-lbs.
Jerry I.: 155-lbs.
Tom G.: 110-lbs.
Peter O.: 195*-lbs.
Michael O.: 125*-lbs.
Anu B.: 140-lbs.
Mark D.: 125*-lbs.
Will H.: 155-lbs.
Adam M.: 120*-lbs.
Jose R.: 205*-lbs.
Al C.: 200-lbs.
John N.: 155-lbs.
Hal B.: 170*-lbs.
David C.: 165*-lbs.
Michael Fo.: 185-lbs.
David K.: 165-lbs.
Walt C.: 165-lbs.
Morgan W.: 125-lbs.
Ben H.: 175-lbs.
Drew P.: 175-lbs.
Ralph B.: 180-lbs.
Sam R.: 210-lbs.
Tucker H.: 225-lbs.
Sean G.: 255-lbs.
John J.: 165-lbs.
Julia H.: 100*x-lbs.
John B.: 125*-lbs.
Will H.: 185-lbs.
Matt A.: 135*-lbs.
Julian H.: 165-lbs.
Kate G.: 126*-lbs.
Pedro L.: 135*-lbs.
Brent S.: 130*-lbs.
RJ A.: 125-lbs.
Adriana B.: 90-lbs.
Tara C.: 110-lbs.
Robert C.: 170*-lbs.
John Sa.: 145-lbs.
Tarek K.: 140-lbs.
Andrew B.: 125-lbs.
Roberto E.: 175*-lbs.
Chris C.: 215-lbs.
Francisco L.: 175-lbs.
Ben B.: 115*x-lbs.
Dylan O.: 205*x-lbs.
Charlie K.: 170-lbs.
Justin M.: 225-lbs.
Tommy H.: 240-lbs.
John Sh.: 195-lbs.
Chris P.: 200-lbs.
Matt R.: 170-lbs.
Michael H.: 175-lbs.
Jahari H.: 230-lbs.
Melody F.: 115-lbs.
Mike L.: 180-lbs.
Charlie K.: 160-lbs.
Michael B.: 180-lbs.
Keith H.: 195-lbs.
Bryan M.: 180-lbs.
Lily S.: 85-lbs.
Kyle H.: 235*-lbs.
Andrew W.: 150-lbs.
Greg N.: 205-lbs.
Phillip M.: 110*-lbs.
Terry A.: 60-lbs.
Amr M.: 155-lbs.

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Candida M.: @ home WOD: 6 rounds + the pushups, the situps and 3 hollow rocks.
Nate S.: 155-165-175-180-185-175
Lisa C.: 1 + 10 bentover row, 1 + 1 hollow rock, 1 + 6 hollow rock, 1 + 11 hollow rock (knee explosive, 30-lbs.)
Diana D.: 1 + 10 hollow rock, 1 + 12 hollow rock, 1 + 10 hollow rock, 1+ 13 hollow rock (knee explosive, 15-lbs.)