Saturday, November 6, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

every minute, on-the-minute, for 20 minutes: odd minutes: 2x thruster for load (from the rack) even minutes: 50x double under


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Anna G.: 55-lbs. (du amrap)
Dave R.: 175-lbs.
Borja G.: 115-lbs.
Andrew Z.: 150-lbs.
Sean F.: 155-lbs. (40 du)
Walt C.: 125-lbs.
Andrew W.: 95-lbs. (push press, du amrap)
Edgar C.: 110-lbs. (du amrap)
Keith E.: 105-lbs. (du amrap)
Tara S.: 85-lbs. 
Sebastian T.: 105-lbs. (su amrap)
Beau R.: 130-lbs. (du amrap)
Jahari H.: 125-lbs. (du amrap) 
Charlie S.: 135-lbs. 
Seth B.: 115-lbs. (du amrap)
Chris C.: 165-lbs.
Josh M.: 110-lbs./75-lbs. (push press/shoulder press) 
Dianna G.: 25-lb. dbs. (6x front squat, 60x lateral hops)
Nathan E.: 80-lbs. (su amrap)
Patrick J.: 105-lbs. 
Abbey O.: 70-lbs. (3x front squat, du amrap)
John Sh.: 125-lbs. (du amrap) 
John J.: 115-lbs. (du amrap) 
Julia H.: 85-lbs. (du amrap) 
Grant J.: 85-lbs. (du amrap) 
Thomas R.: 125-lbs. 
Rich H.: 185-lbs. 
Bill G.: 155-lbs. (push press, 50" bike) 
Hal B.: 115-lbs. (40x du) 
Amr M.: 100-lbs. (du amrap) 
Lily S.: 110-lbs. (3x front squat, 75x lateral hops)  
Joe T.: 160-lbs. (du amrap)  

-MPH Outside the Box Scores-