Saturday, November 13, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

five rounds for time: 30x double under 10x chest-to-bar pull-up 30x double under 20x single-arm snatch (alternating, total)


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Kiely W.: 19:13, 20/15-lb db. (du practice, 5x banded pu)   
Austin S.: 21:06, 30-lb. db. (du practice, pull-up) 
Dave R.: 15:23, 50-lb. db. 
Borja G.: 19:43, 50-lb. db. 
Kate G.: 20:50, 35-lb. db. 
Al C.: 23:17, 50-lb. db. 
Adriana B.: 16:17, 20-lb. db. (pull-up) 
Austen B.: 16:06, 35-lb. db. (pull-up) 
Chris C.:  18:52; 50-lbs.
Jen D.:   20;01; 20-lbs. (banded pull-up)
Charlie S.:  19:57; 35-lbs.
Devon H.:  16:30; 50-lbs.
Seth B.:  20:30; 30-lbs. (banded pull-up)
Sean F.:  16:13; 50-lbs.
Edgar C.:  19:53; 35-lbs.
Will H.:   19:35; 30-lbs. (pull-up)
Patrick J.:  19:10; 35-lbs. (pull-up)
Sean Q.:  17:15; 50-lbs.
Mel F.:  18:02; 35-lbs. (7 c2b pu)
Bill G.:  19:28; 50-lbs. (7 strick pu)
Grant J.:  19:30; 30-lbs. (hang power snatch)
Sebastian T.:  18:39; 20-lbs. (banded pu)
Lily S.: 18:44; 15/20-lbs. (banded pu, 10 snatch on left/ 10 clean on right)
Ross B.:  18:58; 50-lbs. (banded pu)
Rich H.:  17:48; 50-lbs.
Robert C.:  17:58; 35-lbs.