Monday, November 29, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

four rounds for time: 21x swing @ 55/35-lbs. 12x strict handstand pushup 12x toes-to-bar


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Lisa C.: 6 + 12 push-up (25-lbs., atomic push-up, vttb)
Cristian D.: 6 + 21 swings (20-lbs., atomic push-up, vttb)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Al C.: 13:51
Carlos U.: 12:34 (35-lbs kb, 6 prom strict hspu, toes to anywhere)
Dan H.: 13:10 (35-lbs kb, atomic box hspu, toes to anywhere)
Zach D.: 13:08 (55-lbs. kb, push ups)
Nate S.: 12:23 (45-lbs. kb, prom strict hspu, toes to anywhere)
Andrew Z.: 12:32 (55-lbs., prom strict hspu)
Andrew S.:12:23 (35-lbs., atomic box hpsu, toes to anywhere)
Chase H.: 9:54 (5 rounds: 15-lbs kb russian swings, 15-lbs db strict press, strict knee raises)
Anu B.: 17:10 (55-lbs. kb american swings, 10 atomic box hspu, toes to anywhere)
Andrew W.: 12:35 (35-lbs kb american swings, atomic box hspu, toes to anywhere)
Abbey O.: 13:44 (15-lbs kb american swings, 10 atomic hspu, toes to anywhere)
Diana G.: 13:21 (20-lbs., Russian swing, db shoulder press (5 right/15-lbs.), virtual ttb)
Hal B.: 13:28 (45-lbs., atomic box pushup, ttb/tta)
Hanna G.: 14:50 (35-lbs., 8x prom strict hspu, kipping pull-up)
David C.: 14:32 (45-lbs., 8x prom strict hspu, ttb)
Jen D.: 10:45 (35-lbs., 8x atomic pushup, kipping k2c)
Julian M.: 12:00 (45-lbs., atomic pushup, 8x ttb (tta 4th rd.)
RJ A.: 12:11 (35-lbs., atomic pushup, tta)
Dave R.: 15:12 (55-lbs., prom strict hspu)
Matt A.: 12:46 (25-lbs., atomic pushup, kipping k2c)
Drew P.: 9:27 (55-lbs., Russian (1st rd.), DL (rds. 2-4))
Michael H.: 12:37 (45-lbs.)
Ralph B.: 14:14 (45-lbs., prom strict hspu)
Sean Q.: 9:50 (55-lbs.)
Nick W.: 10:23 (35-lbs., prom strict hspu)
Beau R.: 13:00 (35-lbs.) 
Greg M.: 14:24 (35-lbs., 10 hspu, tta)
Max R.: 12:04 (55/45-lbs., atomic box pushup, kipping knee raise)
Francisco L.: 13:50 (45-lbs., 12/6x prom hspu, ttb)
Brittany C.: 13:38 (25-lbs., box atomic pushup, tta)
Jenna B.: 13:11 (25-lbs., 8x prom hspu, tta)
John S.: 10:19 (35-lbs., db shoulder press, ttb)
Jen M.: 12:00 (15-lbs., 8x atomic pushup, kipping knee raise)
Julia H.: 14:32 (35-lbs., prom hspu, ttb)
Chris P.: 13:02 (35-lbs., hspu, ttb)
Sam R.: 11:45 (35-lbs., hspu, ttb)
Tucker H.: 12:31 (55-lbs., prom hspu, ttb)
Rich H.: 14:08 (55-lbs., hspu, ttb)
Kate G.: 14:43 (35-lbs., hspu, ttb)
Charlie S.: 14:33 (45-lbs., hspu, ttb)
Charlie K.: 14:09 (35-lbs., hspu, ttb)
Keith E.: 9:08 (45-lbs., box atomic pushup, tta)
Justin M.: 12:48 (45-lbs., box atomic pushup, strict k2c) 
Tommy H.: 16:02 (55-lbs.)
Austin S.: 11:46 (35-lbs., box atomic pushup, kipping k2c)
Bill G.: 13:40 (55-lbs., 15x vttb)
Kyle H.: 17:10 (55-lbs., strict prom hspu/atomic box pushup)
Greg N.: 13:42 (50-lbs., box atomic pushup)
Morgan M.: 15:46 (55-lbs. strict prom hspu, ttb)
John J.: 15:44 (35-lbs. strict prom hspu/box atomic pushup, ttb)
Roberto E.: 14:07 (35-lbs., box atomic pushup, tta)
Prateek K.: 10:20 (35-lbs. (rds 1-2), 25-lbs. (rds 3-4), 8x strict prom hspu, 12/10x kipping k2c)
Patrick J.: 12:37 (45-lbs., Russian, 12x strict prom hspu, tta)
John N.: 13:32 (45-lbs., 5x strict prom hspu, ttb)
Matt R.: 11:19 (35-lbs., 6x strict prom hspu (rds.1-2), 12x box atomic pushup (rds. 3-4), ttb/tta)