Saturday, December 4, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

eight rounds, every three minutes, complete:
5x heavy overhead squat *from the rack*
30x double under

Treat this workout like a strength day and try to ascend in weight on the overhead squat!


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Walt C.: 110
Anu B.: 95-lbs.
Nate S.: 105-lbs.
Dave R.: 175-lbs.
Carlos U.: 70-lbs. (30 sec of singles)
Andrew B.: 95-lbs. (push jerk from back rack)
Adriana B.: 75-lbs.*
Max R.: 125-lbs.*
Diana G.: 135-lbs. (5 deadlifts, 5 cal bike)
Jerry I.: 135-lbs.
Adrienne V.: 75-lbs.
Abby O.: 50-lbs.*
Peter O.: 135-lbs.*
Hannah G.: 55-lbs. (push jerk from back rack)
Seth B: 125-lbs.
Sebastian T.: 69-lbs.
Bill G.: 245-lbs. (back squat)
Lily S.: 110-lbs. (front squat)
Matthew R.: 70-lbs.*
John Sh.:  135-lbs. (not in PR system)
Terry A.:  30-lbs. 
Ross B.:  115-lbs.
John J.:  105-lbs.
Sean G.:  135-lbs.
Charlie S.: 115-lbs.
Mariah C.: 65-lbs. (not in PR system)
Jen D:  55-lbs.*
Patrick J.: 55-lbs.
Al C.:  135-lbs.
Chris C.: 125-lbs.
Tara S.: 80-lbs.

-MPH Outside the Box Scores-