Monday, December 27, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

three rounds for time: 25x pull-up 25x push press @ 75/55-lbs. 25x box jump, 24/20" platform --rest one minute--


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Joe T.: 15:23
Tom G.: 13:08. 25 squats/round, 2 15-lbs dumbbells.

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Beau R.: 15:38 (65-lbs.)
Mike B.: 14:34 (15x pull-up, 55-lbs.)
Nathan A.: 15:49 (20x ring row, 20x pp @ 55-lbs., 20x bj)
Zac E.: 14:44 (15x strict banded, 65-lbs.)
Charlie S.: 15:39 (75-lbs.)
RJ A.: 15:55 (15x pull-up, 55-lbs.)
Tarek K.: 17:27 (25x ring row, 75-lbs., 25x, 20x, then 15x bj)
Diana G.: 12:15 (25x ring row, 20x pp @ 10-lb. dbs., 15x bj)
Dave R.: 12:12 (75-lbs.)
Drew P.: 14:03 (75-lbs.)
Matt R.: 13:52 (15x pull-up, 55-lbs.)
Ralph B.: 16:12 (20x pull-up, 75-lbs., 25x step-up)
Jahari H.: 15:19 (75-lbs.)
Al C.: 13:30 (75-lbs.)
Mel F.: 17:37 (55-lbs.)
Mike L.: 21:34 (65-lbs.)
Ross B.: 13:50 (15x banded pull-up, 85-lbs.)
David C.: 14:41 (65-lbs.)
Rich H.: 13:56 (75-lbs.)
Rony J.: 13:08 (15x bodyrow, 25-lbs.)
Charlie K.:15:18 (65-lbs.)
Mike H.: 13:00 (75-lbs.)
Kate G.: 14:49 (55-lbs.)
Austin S.: 15:30 (20x pull-up, 75-lbs.)
Kiely W.: 13:55 (15x banded, 35-lbs.)