Sunday, January 2, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

three rounds for time: 50x walking lunge @ 70/55-lbs. 20x Russian swing @ 70/55-lbs. 400m run


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Adrienne V.: 19:26 (30-lb. lunge., 35-lb. swing)
Daniel H.: 18:07 (50-lb. w. lunge, 55-lb. swing
Nathan A.: 17:57 (30-lb. lunge., 35-lb. swing)
Rony J.: 19:07 (20-lb. lunge & swing)
Christina J.: 21:31 (35-lb. lunge & swing)
Diana G.: (30x w. lunge @ 30-lbs., 35-lb. swing)
Sarah G.: 21:51 (30x w. lunge @ 15-lbs., 35-lb. swing, 2' row)
Greg N.: 17:46 (50-lb. lunge, 55-lb. swing)
Walt C.: 17:15 (35-lb. lunge. 45-lb. swing)
Kyle H.: 17:42 (70-lb. w. lunge., 55-lb. swing)
Edgar J.: 17:54 (50-lb. lunge, 55-lb. swing)
Barbara M.: 15:38 (10-lb. lunge, 20-lb. swing, 200m run)
Julian M.: 15:30 (40-lb. lunge, 35-lb. swing)
Kiely W.: 16:45 (25-lb. lunge, 35-lb. swing)
Zach D.: 17:15 (50-lb. lunge, 70-lb. swing)
Matt A.: 19:06 (40-lb. lunge, 35-lb. swing)
Chris P.: 16:11 (50-lb. lunge, (rds.1-2) lunge jump 3rd rd.), 50-lb. squat (rds.1-2) deadlift (rd. 3)
Mike L.: 20:08 (55-lb. lunge & swing)
Melody F.: 21:01 (40-lb. lunge, 55-lb. swing)
Josh M.: 19:00 (2 rds. 50-lb. squat, 55-lb. swing, bike 3rd rd.)
Jahari H.: 18:14 (50-lb. lunge, 70-lb. swing)
Austin S.: 15:50 (60-lb. lunge, 55-lb. swing)

-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Joe T.: 17:29, 65 lb KB American swings; 60 lb lunges