Friday, February 4, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

in teams of two, as many meters as possible: 10 minutes of rowing, switching partners every 350m 10 minutes of running, switching every 200m 10 minutes of double unders, switching every 50 double unders


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Borja and Rami: 2688, 1800, 2524 (7012)
Nate and Andrew: 2800, 2000, 2036 (6836)
Travis and Daniel: 2580, 1800, 482 (4812)
Hanna, Jen, and Abbey: 2250, 1300, 950 (4500)
Adrian and Austin: 2600, 1600, 628 (4828)
Hal and Chase: 2625, 1700, 2700 (7025)

Diana G. and Amy M.:1650, 1080, 1730 (4460)
Diana G.: 250m row, goblet squat, 250m row
Amy M.: 18 cal bike, goblet squat, 18 cal bike

Drew P. and Sean F.: 2600, 3280, 2521 (8401)
Drew P.: 350m row, du, 350m row
Sean F.: 350m row, du, 350m row

David C. and Ben H.: 2100, 2380, 2125 (6605)
David C.: 350m row, du, 350m row
Ben H.: 300m row, air squat, 300m row

Ralph B., Kate G. and Dave R.: 5028, 933
Ralph B.: (1 min du practice)

Al C. and Patrick J.: 4437, 803

Edgar J.: & Pedro L.: 4905, practice
Pedro L.: 129 du (1 min du practice)
Edgar J.: (1 min du practice)

Ryan P. & Matt A.: 2600, 2000m run for Ryan, 
Ryan P.: (original workout)
Matt A.: (200m row intervals for 2nd rd)

Jake L. & Rony J.: 5000, du practice/singles
Jake L.: (1 min du practice)
Rony J.: (300m, 1 min du practice)

Chris C., Tara S., & Thomas R.: 4600 (Chris 1200m row, 78 burpees, 750 du)
Chris C.: (350m row, du, 350m row)
Tara S.: (350m row, 13 burpees 2nd rd, du)
Thomas R.:  (350m row, 13 burpees 2nd rd., du)

Morgan M. & Mike L.: 3323 (2774m row, 181 burpees, 368 du)
Morgan M.: (350m row, 13 burpees 2nd rd., 1 min du practice)
Mike L.: (350m row, 13 burpees 2nd rd., 1 min du practice)

Charlie S. & Rich H.: 6448 (5390m row, 208 burpees, 850 du)
Charlie S.: (350m row, 13 burpees 2nd rd., du)
Rich H.: (350m row, 13 burpees 2nd rd., du)

Ross B.: 7,494 (350m row, 200m row, du)
Nathan A.: (350m row, 200m row, 100 su)

Jahari H.: 7,800 (350m row, 13 burpees, du/su)
Sean G.: (350m row, 200m run, du)

Coleman G.: 3,500 (350m row, 200m run, du)
John Sh.: (350m row, 200m run, su)

John J.: 7,510 (350m row, 200m run, du)
Andrew B.: (350m row, 200m run, du)

Nicole B.: 5,650 (250m row, 150m row, 45" su)
Terry A.: (250m row, 100m run, 30=" su)

Peter T.: 6,500 (350m row, 200m row, 45" du practice/su) 
Sebastian T.: (350m row, 200m run, 45" su) 

Andrew Z.: 7,543 (350m row, 200m row, du)
Christ T.: (350m row, 200m row, du)
Bill G.: (350m row, 200m row, 45" bike) 

-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Candida M.: @ home WOD: 318 total reps across all rounds.
Bill M.: 211 (lunge jump/lunge)
Lisa C.: 273
Diana D.: 208 (reverse lunge)
Cristian D.: 253 (lunge)
Damund W.: 145 (lunge)