Wednesday, February 9, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

eight minutes, every two minutes, building in weight each set: set 1: 8x overhead squat set 2: 6x overhead squat set 3: 4x overhead squat set 4: 2x overhead squat then, five rounds, every 2.5 minutes: 400m/350m row max overhead squat @ 95/65-lbs. in remaining time


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Cristian D.: 52 (25-lb. backpack, 10/30)
Bill M.: 27 (50-lbs., 10/30)
Tom G.: 56 (30-lbs., 10/30)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Daniel H.: 80-lbs., 31, 65-lbs.
Travis H.: 85-lbs. 32, 85-lbs.
Nate S.: 105-lbs. 57, 75-lbs.
Anna G.: 100-lbs, 50, 65-lbs (bs, 200 m row)
Hanna G.: 115-lbs, 26, 83-lbs. (behind the neck push press)
Carlos U.: 80-lbs., 40, 65-lbs. (300 m row)
Borja G.: 125-lbs., 33, 95-lbs.
Al C.: 125-lbs., 40, 95-lbs. (300 m row)
Andrew S.: 165-lbs., 44, 135 (bs, 300 m row)
Patrick H.: 50-lbs., 42, 50-lbs. (300m row)
Andrew Z.: 185-lbs., 75, 95-lbs.
Zac E.: 125-lbs., 43, 95-lbs. 
Abbey O.: 50-lbs., 35, 25-lbs.
Anu B.: 155-lbs., 40, 95-lbs. (bs, 300m run)
Sean Q.: 185-lbs.*, 60, 95-lbs.
Austin S.: 95-lbs., 61, 75-lbs. (prom ohs)
Andrew W.: 105-lbs., 53, 65-lbs.
Chase H.: 75-lbs., 62, 55-lbs.
Ben H.: 185-lbs., 49, 135-lbs. (bs, 300m row)
Hal B.: 95-lbs., 61, 65-lbs.
Adam M.: 95-lbs., 36, 35-lbs. (300m row)
John N.: 80-lbs., 30, 65-lbs.
Michael F.: 110-lbs., 41, 75-lbs. (300m row)
Mark B.: 55-lbs., 27, 45-lbs. (300m row)
Thomas R.: 95-lbs., 36, 75-lbs.
Adriana B.: 75-lbs., 30, 55-lbs.
Michael H.: 145-lbs., 50, 95-lbs.
Pedro L.: 50*-lbs., 34, 35-lbs.
RJ A.: 95*-lbs., 42, 65-lbs.
Julian M.: 65-lbs., 35, 65-lbs. (bnk push press)
Nick W.: 135*-lbs., 62, 75-lbs.
Kate G.: 115-lbs., 68, 65-lbs.
Ben H.: 120*-lbs., 61, 75-lbs.
John B.: 105*-lbs., 49, 70-lbs.
Matt A.: 40*-lbs., 45, 30-lbs.
Dave R.: 205*-lbs., 76, 135-lbs.
Michael H.: 145-lbs., 50, 95-lbs.
Peter O.: 135*-lbs., 52, 85-lbs.
Chris C.: 155-lbs., 36, 95-lbs.
Greg M.: 80*-lbs., 30, 50-lbs.
Rony S.: 40*-lbs., 55, 25-lbs.
Jose R.: 195-lbs., 37, 95-lbs. (back squat, back squat)
Melody F.: 85-lbs., 63, 55-lbs.
Alejandra M.: 75-lbs., 50, 55-lbs. 
Tara S.: 80-lbs., 29, 65-lbs.
Sean G.: 160-lbs., 78, 95-lbs.
Rich H.: 155-lbs., 75, 95-lbs.
John Sh.: 135-lbs., 40, 75-lbs.
Roberto E.: 105-lbs., 12, 75-lbs.
Coleman G.: 105-lbs., 35, 65-lbs.
Michael L.: 125-lbs., 32, 80-lbs.
Adam R.: 135-lbs., 37, 75-lbs.
Francisco L.: 95-lbs., 42, 65-lbs.
Bryan M.: 105*-lbs., 61, 75-lbs.
Matthew R.: 90*-lbs., 65/55-lbs.
Sam R.: 135-lbs., 45, 75-lbs.
Tucker H.: 145-lbs., 46, 95-lbs.
Bill G.: 225-lbs., 52, 135-lbs. (bs)
Zack B.: 95*-lbs., 41, 65-lbs.
Charlie K.: 130-lbs., 46, 75-lbs.
Peter T.: 115*-lbs., 43, 75-lbs.
Sebastian T.: 70*-lbs., 40, 45-lbs.
Josh M.: 140-lbs. (bike)
Nicole B.: 70*-lbs. 30, 55-lbs. (250m)
Mariah C.: 75*-lbs. 32, 55-lbs. (250m)
Terry A.: 40-lbs. 50, 25-lbs. (200m)