Saturday, February 12, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

"Freestyle Diane" for time: 45x deadlift @ 225/155-lbs. 45x handstand pushup Partition repetitions in any way.


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Adrian P.: 12:25 (135-lbs., strict prom hspu)
Andrew S.: 6:44 (155-lbs., deficit pushup)
Rony J.: 6:20 (105-lbs., atomic)
Dave R.: 5:12 (225-lbs.)
Borja G.: 12:14 (155-lbs.)
Anna G.: 5:24 (75-lbs., 40-lbs., db push press)
Jacob R.: 6:50 (155-lbs., atomic)
Andrew W.: 7:46 (185-lbs., 1/2 strict prom)
Adam R.: 7:19 (185-lbs., atomic)
Amr M.: 7:41 (155-lbs., atomic)
Sebastian T.: 6:47 (145-lbs., atomic)
Sean G.: 3:56 (225-lbs., prom hspu)
Sean F.: 6:50 (225-lbs.)
Kate G.: 5:01 (155-lbs.)
Ben H.: 5:44 (175-lbs., 2/3 strict hspu)
Adriana B.: 6:11 (105-lbs., prom hspu)
Josh M.: 10:44 (50-lbs., 45 cal bike, db shoulder press)
Luke B.: 7:12 (115-lbs., atomic)
Jared S.: 10:06 (155-lbs., prom strict hspu) 
Alejandra M.: 6:45 (125-lbs., hspu)
Jonathan D.: 11:40 (155-lbs., prom hspu/atomic)
Chris C.: 5:23 (225-lbs.) 
Jahari H.: 5:38 (225-lbs., prom strict hspu) 
Nathan E.: 7:05 (155-lbs., atomic) 
Tara S.: 10:11 (155-lbs.) 
Sean Q.: 3:57 (225-lbs.)
Rich H.: 4:49 (225-lbs.) 
Kiely W.: 6:00 (95-lbs., atomic) 
Jen D.:  6:22 (125-lbs., atomic)  
Jen M.: 7:09 (65-lbs., atomic) 
Greg M.: 8:36 (135-lbs., strict hspu)
Ross B.: 7:54 (225-lbs., prom) 
Mariah C.: 7:18 (105-lbs., 17.5-lb dbs. shoulder press)
Peter T.: 11:00 (205-lbs., 35x prom)
John N.: 9:17 (155-lbs., prom) 
Michael Fo.: 6:29 (185-lbs., atomic)  
Nick W.: 6:16 (185-lbs., prom)
Mark B.: 6:34 (130/110-lbs., atomic)   
Bill G.: 7:37 (225-lbs., strict hspu)  

-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Candida M.: 5:15, 5 rounds of 9 reps, 90 lbs deadlifts, atomic pushups.