Tuesday, March 1, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

for time: 30-20-10 toes-to-bar thruster @ 65/45-lbs. weighted strict sit-up @ 25-lbs.


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Nate S.: 12:04 (toes to anywhere, 65-lbs., 25-lb db)
Al C.: 10:10 (t2b, 65-lbs., 25-lb db)
Carlos U.: 13:11 (toes to anywhere, 45-lbs., strict sit-ups)
Anna G.: 10:00 (shoulder taps, 35-lbs., hollow rocks)
Dan H.: 13:42 (toes to anywhere, 65-lbs., 25-lb db)
Borja G.:  14:45 (t2b, 65-lbs., 25-lb db)
Ishi B.: 15:16 (knees to chest, 45-lbs., strict sit-ups) 
Jen D.: 12:12 (knees to chest, 40-lbs., 15-lb db)
Patrick H.: 13:55 (toes to anywhere, 45-lbs., 17.5-lb db)
Abbey O.: 13:52 (knees to chest, 35-lbs., 15-lb. db)
Anu B.: 13:16 (t2b, 75-lbs 20/10/5 push press, strict sit-ups)
Michael B.: 12:24 (toes to anywhere, 55-lbs., 25-lb db)
Bobby H.: 13:05 (toes to anywhere, 55-lbs., 10-lb db)
Austin S.: 10:01 (toes to anywhere, 55-lbs., 25-lb db)
Adrian P.: 16:05 (knees to chest, 45-lbs., strict sit-ups)
Hanna G.: 11:59 (55-lbs., 25-lb. db)
Jonathan D.: 14:00 (toes to anywhere, 65-lbs., 10-lb db.)
Nick W.: 14:44 (ttb/tta, 65-lbs., 25-lb. db)
Chris Pa.: 16:01 (toes to anywhere, 55-lbs.,  25-lb db.)
David C.: 12:38 (strict hkr, push press, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Adam M.: 12:15 (tta, 53-lbs., strict sit-up)
Justin G.: 14:01 (tta, 33-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Mark B.: 14:11 (tta, 53-lbs., strict sit-up)
Kate G.: 11:24 (45-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Drew P.: 11:50 (65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Dave R.: 10:50 (65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Pedro L.: 13:06 (tta, 33-lbs., strict sit-up)
Ben B.: 11:48 (55-lbs., 1/2 ttb, 20-lbs.)
RJ A.: 13:09 (tta, 45-lbs., strict sit-up)
Roxanne B.: 13:15 (1/2 tta, 33-lbs., sit-up)
Frank P.: 11:12 (tta, 55-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Matt A.: 12:10 (tta, 45-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Bill M.: 12:05 (tta, 33-lbs., strict sit-up)
Chris C.: 11:20 (65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Nathan A.: 13:45 (vttb, 45-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Greg M.:  14:03 (tta, 45-lbs., strict sit-up)
Josh M.: 9:58 (ttb, 60-lb. db. push press, pushup)
John B.; 12:30 (ttb, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Mike L.: 14:23 (400/200/100/ farmer's carry @ 40-lb. db., prom thruster @ 45-lbs., pushup)
Yao Z.: 13:32 (ttb/tta, 45-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Andrew B.: 13:53 (ttb, 45-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Keith E.: 12:36 (tta, 55-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Amr M.: 13:52 (tta, 55-lbs., 15-lbs.)
Matt K.:  14:46 (vttb, 65-lbs. front squat, strict sit-up)
Jenna B.: 13:35 (tta, 45-lbs., 10-lbs.)
Francisco L.: 14:24 (ttb, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
John Sh.: 12:33 (tta, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Charlie S.: 11:54 (ttb, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Jared S.: 14:04 (ttb, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Tara S.: 12:50 (ttb, 45-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Tucker H.: 11:11 (ttb, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Sebastian T.: 14:19 (tta, 65-lbs., strict sit-up)
Nathan E.: 14:20 (hkr, 65-lbs., 15-lbs.)
Charlie K.: 14:25 (ttb, 65-lbs., 25-lbs./strict (rds.2-3)
Jahari H.: 11:24 (ttb, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Bryan M.: 11:45 (tta, 65-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Stephen K.: 13:46 (ttb, 45-lbs., 25-lbs.)
John J.:  13:45 (ttb/tta, 55-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Matt R.: 10:34 (ttb/tta, 55-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Tarek K.: 14:31 (hkr, 65-lbs., strict sit-up, last round 5 hkr, 5 seated shoulder press at 30-lbs., 5 strict sit-up)
Rony J.: 9:47 (hkr, 25-lbs., 15-lbs.)
Tyler S.: 13:25 (tta, 55-lbs./45-lbs., strict sit-up)
Terry A.: 12:28 (hkr, 25-lbs., strict sit-up)
Lily S.: 12:38 (flagpole thingies, 15-lbs. db thruster, 25-lbs.)

-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Candida M.: In gym WOD: 12:23
(45 lbs thrusters, 15 lbs sit-ups)