Thursday, March 17, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

in teams of two, three rounds for time:
50x dumbbell or kettlebell deadlift @ 110/70-lbs.
400m run *run together*
200m farmer's carry

*Partners may split up the deadlifts and carries in whichever way they choose.

in teams of two, three rounds for time:
50x dumbbell or kettlebell deadlift @ 110/70-lbs.
2 minutes of maximum double unders *count total double unders*
60x swing @ 55/35-lbs.

*Partners may split up the deadlifts and swings in whichever way they choose.


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Al C. + Anna G.: 18:22
Al C.: 110/55-lbs., 325 (du, swing)
Anna G.: 35/25-lbs. (su, swing)
Nate S. + Daniel H. + Rami B.: 18:10
Rami B.: 90-lbs.
Daniel H.: 110-lbs. 
Nate S.: 110-lbs.
Andrew Z. + Jen D. + Patrick H.: 20:49
Andrew Z.: 110/55-lbs. (du, swing)
Jen D.: 70/35-lbs. (du, swing)
Patrick H.: 70/35-lbs. (su, swing)
Hanna G. + Abbey O.: 17:36
Hanna G.: 70-lbs.
Abbey O.: 50-lbs.
Anu B. + Austin S. + Edgar J.: 18:14
Anu B.: 90-lbs.
Austin S.: 110-lbs.
Edgar J.: 90-lbs.
Ben H. + Morgan W. + Jonathan D.: 18:25
Jonathan D.: 100/35-lbs. (du, swing)
Morgan W.: 100/35-lbs. (du, swing)
Ben H.: 60-lbs. (2' bike, 20 pushup)
Chase H. + Nick W.: 16:34
Chase H.: 70-lbs.
Nick W.: 80-lbs.
Justin G. + Walt C.: 18:40
Justin G.: 90-lbs.
Walt C.: 100-lbs., 90-lbs.
Kate G. + Ben B.: 16:46
Kate G.: 70/35-lbs. (200 du, swing)
Ben B.: 110/50-lbs. (148 du, swing)
Mark B. + Matt A.: 18:39
Mark B.: 90-lbs.
Matt A.: 90-lbs.
John B. + Will H.: 17:18
John B.: 110-lbs.
Will H.: 110-lbs.
Adam R. + Chris P.: 14:32 
Adam R.: 90-lbs.
Chris P.: 90-lbs.
Sean G.: + John J.: 15:43
Sean G.: 110/55-lbs. (300 du, swing)
John J.: 70/35-lbs. (140 du, swing)
Morgan M. + Rich H.: 16:01
Morgan M.: 110/55-lbs. (170 du, swing)
Rich H.: 110/55-lbs. (300 du, swing)
Charlie S. + Greg M. + Michael H.: 16:54 
Charlie S.: 110/50-lbs. (447 du, swing)
Greg M.: 70/35-lbs. (du practice, swing)
Michael H.: 110/35-lbs. (345 du, swing)
Pedro + Lily: 17:56
Pedro L.: 50/25-lbs. (run, carry)
Lily S.:70/35-lbs. (run, carry)
Andrew Ze. + Benny: 16:37
Andrew Ze.:  70/35-lbs. (run, carry)
Benny R.: 70/35-lbs. (run, carry)
Jacob + Tucker: 18:03
Jacob S.: 110/55-lbs. (452 du, swing)
Tucker H.: 110/55-lbs. (370 du, swing)
Sam + Graham: 16:50
Sam R.: 90/45-lbs. (149 du, swing)
Graham F.: 110/55-lbs. (120 du, swing)
Ross + Nathan + Brett: 17:48
Ross B.: 110/55-lbs. (105 du, swing)
Nathan E.: 80/40-lbs. (25 du, swing)
Brett G.: 110/55-lbs. (218 du, swing)
Rony J. + Terry A.: 18:58
Rony J.: 50-lbs. (300m run)
Terry A.: 40-lbs. (300m run)

-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Damund W.: 12:20 (20-lb. dbs, 40-lbs., 20 swing)
Lisa C.: 12:59 (25-lb. dbs, 50-lbs.)
Tom G.: 13:28 (20-lb. dbs, 40-lbs.)
Bill M.: 13:29 (25-lb. dbs, 50-lbs.)