Friday, March 18, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

four rounds, rest exactly one minute between rounds: 1 minute max rope climb *standing start* *each rope climb counts as 5 reps* 1 minute max rotational sit-up 1 minute max single-leg squat


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Ross B.: 313 (45-lb. db bent-over row; sls to target)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Anna G.: 180 (bodyrow, plank hold, air squats)
Rami : 206 (air squats)
Sarah G.: 180 (assisted SLS/air squats)
Borja G.: 340
Daniel H.: 249 (assisted SLS)
Hannah G.: 269 
Andrew W.: 225 (assisted SLS)
Edgar J.: 190 (assisted SLS)
Chris C.: 272 
Walt C.: 288 (assisted SLS)
Michael O.: 272 (assisted SLS)
Austin S.: 274 (assisted SLS)
Chase H.: 255 (assisted SLS, prone to standing)
Andrew Z.: 259 (plate assists SLS)
Patrick H.: 178 (assisted SLS)
Anu B.: 208 (air squat)
Sean F.: 283
John N.: 206 (strict pullup)
Hal B.: 234 (ring row, air squat) 
David C.: 198 (strict pullup)
Al C.: 303 (legless rope climb)
Chris P.: 324 (legless rope climb, lunge jump)
RJ A.: 188 (assisted SLS)
Pedro L.: 157 (SLS to bench)
Ella W.: 124 (assisted SLS)
Dave R.: 282 
Michael H.: 314 (30-lb. weighted strict pu)
JP S.: 217 (banded strict pu, kipping sit-up, air squat)
Ralph B.: 327 (air squat)
Justin G.: 243 (bottom assisted SLS)
Mike L.: 107 (1' plank hold)
Melody F.: (assisted SLS)
Josh M.: 360 (air squat)
Charlie K.: 253 
Rich H.: 285
Julia H.: 191 (SLS/plate-assisted SLS)
Jenna B: 186 
Jahari H.: 235 (plate-assisted SLS to target)
John B.: 292 (assisted SLS)
Yao Z.: 180 (SLS to target)
Andrew Ze. 237 (ring-support SLS)
Keith E.: 207 (assisted SLS)
Nathan A.: 190 (assisted SLS)
Pete T.: 219 (assisted SLS)
Tara S.: 278    
Tarek K.: 210 (air squat)
John J.: 222 (plate-assisted/ring SLS)
Adam R.: 187 (assisted SLS)
Sean G.: 374
Seth B.: 198 (rope climb/rope pull-up, assisted SLS)
Rony J.: 299 (prm rope climb, assisted SLS)
Yousi A.: 222 (prm rope climb, kipping situp, assisted SLS)
Ishi B.: 221 (kipping situp, assisted prm SLS)