Sunday, April 17, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

three rounds for time: 400m run 15x swing @ 70/55-lbs. 15x toes-to-bar


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Joe T.: 11:33, 70-lbs.

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Patrick J.: 12:45; 55-lbs.
Al C.: 13:29; 70-lbs.
Edgar J.:  12:02; 55-lbs.
Ishi B.:  12:34; 50-lbs.
Rony J.:  11:24; 35-lbs.
Christian M.:  45-lbs.
Hailey F.:  12:26; 45-lbs.
Adrienne V.:  15:12; 35-lbs.
David C.:  12:28; 55-lbs.
Will H.:  12:36; 55-lbs.