Wednesday, April 20, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

front squat 3-3-3-3-3-3 Begin each round every three minutes. then, three sets, rest amply between rounds: 15x heavy thruster


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Diana D.: 13:36 (15-lb. dbs for thrusters, bw bulgarian, 10/5 ren row each rd @ 10-lbs.)
Lisa C.: 12:57 (25-lb. 15 deadlifts, push press, 10 ren row @ 20-lbs.)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Carlos U.: 135-lbs. fs, 65-lbs. thruster
Dan H.: 190-lbs. fs, 85-lbs. thruster
Al C.: 205-lbs. fs, 115-lbs. thruster
Sarah G.: 50-lbs.* fs, 25-lbs. thruster
Nick M.: 165-lbs. fs, 75-lbs. thruster
Hailey F.: 115-lbs. fs, 55-lbs. thruster
Edgar J.: 125-lbs. fs, 75-lbs. thruster
Jen D.: 90-lbs. fs, 45-lbs. thruster
Andrew W.: 145-lbs.* fs, 65-lbs. thruster
David C.: 140-lbs. fs, 65-lbs. thruster
Patrick H.: 110-lbs.* fs, 55-lbs. thruster
Austin S.: 165-lbs.* fs, 65-lbs. thruster
Sean Q.: 225-lbs. fs, 105-lbs. thruster 
Anu B.:175-lbs. bs, 75-lbs. pp
Noah T.: 245-lbs.* fs, 115-lbs. thruster
Ella W.: 125-lbs.* fs, 65-lbs. pp
Nick C.: 115-lbs.* fs, 65-lbs. thruster
John N.: 145-lbs. fs, 75-lbs. thruster
Ben H.: 85-lbs. fs, 65-lbs. strict press
Calvin D.: 125-lbs.* fs, 55-lbs. thruster
Michael Fo.: 155-lbs. fs, 95-lbs. thruster
Mirar B.: 135-lbs.* fs, 55-lbs. thruster
Andrew Z.: 200-lbs. fs, 95-lbs. thruster
Walt C.: 160-lbs. fs, 85-lbs. thruster
Hal B.: 95-lbs. fs, 65-lbs. thruster
Thomas R.: 160-lbs.* fs, 85-lbs. thruster
Diana G.: 105-lbs. fs, 35-lbs. thruster
Frank P.: 175-lbs.* fs, 65-lbs. thruster
Hanna G.: 175-lbs. fs, 95-lbs. thruster (and it felt HORRIBLE)
Beau R.: 185-lbs. fs, 95-lbs. thruster 
Ralph B.: 155-lbs. fs, 85-lbs. pp
Max R.: 225-lbs. fs, 95-lbs. thruster 
Dave R.: 240-lbs. fs, 135-lbs. thruster 
Adriana B.: 90-lbs. fs, 55-lbs. thruster 
JP S.: 205-lbs. fs, 135-lbs. fs x10
RJ A.: 180-lbs. fs, 75-lbs. thruster 
Mark B.: 125-lbs. fs, 65-lbs. thruster 
Ben B.: 200-lbs. fs, 135-lbs. fs
Matt A.: 110-lbs. fs, 60-lbs. thruster 
Kate G.: 200-lbs. fs, 85-lbs. thruster 
Stephen W.: 145*-lbs., 65-lbs. thruster
Justin G.: 165*-lbs. fs, 60-lbs. db thruster 
Jose R.: 205-lbs. fs, 45-lbs. shoulder press
Josh M. 145-lbs. fs, 45-lbs. shoulder press
Yao Z.: 165-lbs. fs, 65-lbs. thruster
Ronny J.: 90*-lbs. fs, 33-lbs. thruster 
Sebastian T.: 165*-lbs. fs, 65-lbs. thruster
Greg M.: 135-lbs. fs., 65-lbs. thruster 
John Sh.: 215-lbs. fs., 75-lbs. thruster  
Nathan W.: 145*-lbs fs., 45-lbs. thruster 
Sean G.: 275-lbs. fs, 95-lbs. thruster
Phillip M.: 145-lbs. fs., 50/45-lbs. thruster 
John J.: 175-lbs. fs, 75-lbs. thruster
Rich H.: 235-lbs. fs, 135 lbs. thruster attempt
Matthew R.: 215-lbs. fs., 75-lbs. thruster 
Tucker H.: 225-lbs. fs., 75-lbs. thruster 
Sam R.: 225-lbs. fs., 75-lbs. thruster 
Justin M.: 215-lbs. fs., 75-lbs. thruster 
Tommy H.: 245-lbs. fs., 95-lbs. thruster 
Bobby H.: 185*-lbs. fs., 85-lbs. thruster 
Seth B.: 185-lbs. fs., 75-lbs. thruster 
Andrew C.: 205*-lbs. fs., 75-lbs. thruster 
Kiely W.: 125*-lbs. fs., 55-lbs. thruster 
Julie A.: 120*-lbs. fs., 55-lbs. thruster 
Francisco L.: 205-lbs. fs., 75-lbs. thruster 
Adrienne V.: 105-lbs. fs., 45-lbs. thruster 
Amr M.: 155-lbs. fs., 65-lbs. thruster