Monday, June 27, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

five sets, beginning every 2 minutes:
2 snatch balance + 2 overhead squat

then, in 11 minutes, complete:
100x weighted step-up, 24/20" platform @ 50/35-lbs.
max overhead squat @ 95/65-lbs. in remaining time


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Lisa C.: 41 burpees (15-lb. dbs)
Tom G.: 19 burpees (15-lb. db, step-up)
Sean G.: 60 burpees (40-lb. db, 125 lunge)
**Note: everyone moved to burpees after completing 100 goblet squats

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Nate S.: 100-lbs., 32 (75-lbs., 40-lbs. db)
Carlos U.: 80-lbs., 10 (65-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Borja G.: 125-lbs., 0 (95-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Andrew S.: 95-lbs.,  46 (75-lbs., 40-lbs. db)
Patrick H.: 55-lbs., 5 (55-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Walt C.: 90-lbs. 15 (75-lbs., 40-lbs. db)
Chase H.: 95-lbs., 15 (75-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Abbey O.: 35-lbs., 35 (25-lbs., 15-lbs. db)
Al C.: 165x-lbs., 30 (95-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Hanna G.: 125-lbs., 45 (65-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Hal B.: 70-lbs., 27 (70-lbs from the rack, 35-lbs. db step-up x50, squat x50)
Nick C.: 65-lbs., 32 (45-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Chris G.: 65-lbs., 20 (45-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Diana G.: 35-lbs., 31 (25-lbs., 15-lbs. db)
Chris T.: 95-lbs., 15 (75-lbs., 40-lbs. db)
Jenna B.: 55-lbs., 24 (40-lbs., 20-lbs. db)
Kate G.: 110-lbs., 62 (65-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Matt A.: 55-lbs., 22 (45-lbs., 25-lbs. db)
Karl P.: 55-lbs. (4 ohs), 6 (55-lbs., 20-lbs. db)
Dave R.: 155-lbs., 53 (95-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Ralph B.: 100-lbs. (4 ohs), 21 (75-lbs., no db)
Pedro L.: 55-lbs., 20 (45-lbs., 25-lbs. db)
Frank P.: 95-lbs., 57 (75-lbs., 45-lbs. db
Melody F.: 120-lbs., 57 (65-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
John B.: 105-lbs., 47 (75-lbs., 40-lbs. db)
Greg M.: 80-lbs., 17 (55-lbs., 25-lbs. db)
Mark B.: 65-lbs., 17 (35-lbs., 25-lbs.)
Nick W.: 95-lbs., 37 (75-lbs., 40-lbs. db)
Drew P.: 165-lbs., 46 (95-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Brent S.: 95-lbs., 36 (65-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Stephen W.: 65-lbs., 17 (45-lbs., 20-lbs. db)
Erik K.: 70-lbs. (4x ohs), 11 (45-lbs., 25-lbs. db)
John S.: 125-lbs., 18 (95-lbs., 40-lbs. db)
Julie A.: 45-lbs., 26 (35/45-lbs., 25-lbs. db)
Adam R.: 95-lbs., 14 (75-lbs., 45-lbs. db)
Joy L.: 30-lbs., 15 (20-lbs., 15-lbs. db)
Rich H.: 145-lbs., 50 (95-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Julian M.: 65-lbs., 22 (75-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Beau R.: 75-lbs., 12 (65-lbs., 45-lbs. db)
Bryan M.: 105*-lbs., 40 (65-lbs., 45-lbs. db)
Stephen K.: 155-lbs., 23 (back squat) (95-lbs., 30-lbs. db)
Justin M.: 115-lb., 31 (80-lbs., 45-lbs. db)
Tommy H.: 115-lbs. 32 (95-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Morgan M.: 165-lbs.. 40 (95-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Yousi A.: 50-lbs., 30 (35-lbs., 20-lbs. db)
Mike L.: 110-lbs., 10 (75-lbs., 40-lbs. db)
Sam R.: 135-lbs., 24, (75-lbs., 45-lbs. db)
Zack B.: 95-lbs., 10 (65-lbs., 45-lbs. db)
Graham F.: 95-lbs., 20 (65-lbs., 45-lbs. db)
Ishi B.: 70-lbs., 2 (70-lbs., 35-lbs. db)
Tucker H.: 140-lbs., 29 (95-lbs., 50-lbs. db)
Grant J.: 65*-lbs., 27 (45-lbs., 30-lbs. db)
Callie W.: 53*-lbs., 27 (33-lbs., 20-lbs. db)
Mariah C.: 55-lbs. (no part 2)
Anyw W.: 75-lbs*., 48 (50-lbs. 25-lbs. db)
Rony J.: 50-lbs., 52 (25-lbs., 15-lbs. db)
Benny R.: 55-lbs., 20* (45-lbs. 35-lbs. db)
Peter O.: 125-lbs., 55 (75-lbs., 45-lbs. db)