Monday, October 24, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

"Ranch" bench press 5-5-5-5-5-5 *Begin each set every five minutes. Between each round, complete 15x box jump (24/20" platform) and a 200-250m row.


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Lisa C.: 2 + 4 pushup, 2 + 6 pushup, 2 + 8 pushup (25/30/35-lb. db)
Tom G.: 1 + 20 hollow rock, 1 + 4 lunge, 1 + 20 hollow rock (25-lb. db)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Tucker H.: 215-lbs. (250m row)
Sam R.: 215-lbs. (250m row)
Dan H.: 175-lbs. (250m row)
Carlos U.: 160-lbs. (250m row)
Anna G.: 85-lbs. (215m row)
Kara K.: 75-lbs. (215m row)
Borja G.: 145-lbs. (250m row)
Andrew W.: 155-lbs.(250m row)
Patrick H.: 125-lbs. (250m row)
Walt C.: 135-lbs. (250m row)
Alex S.: 115-lbs. (250m row)
John Sh.: 185-lbs. (250m row)
Michael O.: 125-lbs. (200m row)
Anu B.: 125-lbs. (250m row)
Sophie Z.: 65-lbs. (200m row)
Sean Q.: 205-lbs. (250m row)
Brandon B.: 165-lbs. (250m row)
Michael A.: 140-lbs. (250m row)
Andrew Z.: 175-lbs. (250m row)
Diana G.: 65-lbs. (200m row)
Nick C.: 125-lbs. (250m row)
Chris T.: 145-lbs. (250m row)
David C.: 135-lbs. (400m run instead of row & box jump)
Hal B.: 140-lbs. (250m row)
Alex M.: 160-lbs. (250m row)
Tarek K.: 160-lbs. (250m row)
Hanna G.: 125-lbs. (200m row)
Mel F.: 115-lbs. (200m row)
Bill M.: 105-lbs. (20", 200m row)
Kate G.: 120-lbs. (200m row)
Edgar J.: 155-lbs. (250m row)
Pedro L.: 105-lbs. (250m row)
RJ A.: 105-lbs. (250m row)
Al C.: 175-lbs. (250m row)
Chandler W.: 85-lbs. (200m row)
Dave R.: 145-lbs. (250m row)
Ralph B.: 175-lbs. (20 box step ups, 250m row)
Drew P.: 175-lbs.  (10 box jumps, 15 cal bike)
Patrick J.: 145-lbs. (50 mountain climber, 250m row)
Margaret A.: 110-lbs. (200m row)
Sean F.: 175-lbs. (250m row)
Kate B.: 70-lbs. (30x step up)
Ishi B.: 195-lbs. 
Yousi A.: 70-lbs. 
Julian M.: 165x-lbs. 
Jose R.: 165-lbs. 
Yao Z.: 135-lbs. 
Beau R.: 195-lbs. 
Brent S.: 115-lbs. 
Will H.: 145-lbs.
Matt R.: 150-lbs. 
Zac E.: 135-lbs.
John B.: 135-lbs. 
Charlie S.: 145-lbs. 
Ross B.: 195-lbs. 
Andrew C.: 165-lbs. 
Anya W.: 100-lbs. 
Sean G.: 255-lbs. 
Justin G.: 170-lbs. 
Rich H.: 245-lbs. 
Damund W.: 165*-lbs. (12x box jump)
Nicole B.: 115-lbs. (10x step up)
Phillip M.: 95-lbs. 
Justin M.: 205-lbs.
Tommy H.: 205-lbs.
Bill G.: 215-lbs. (25x lunge jump)
Morgan M.: 185-lbs.
Kiely W.: 80-lbs. (step-up)
Adam R.: 175-lbs.
Kyle K.: 125*-lbs.
Mike L.: 175-lbs.
Amr M.: 165-lbs.
Ben B.: 85-lbs.
Bobby H.: 145-lbs
Natsuda C.: 55*-lbs.
Joy L.: 70*-lbs.
John N.: 150-lbs.
Tyler S.: 165-lbs.
Chris G.: 110-lbs.
Rony J.: 75-lbs.
Léo J.: 105*-lbs.
Julia H.: 90-lbs.
Lily S.: 80-lbs.
John Sa.: 145-lbs.
Andrew Ze.: 125-lbs.
Haisheng Y.: 135*-lbs.