Monday, October 31, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

push press 5-4-3-2-1-1-1 Begin each round every two minutes. then, five rounds for time: 50x double under 12x push press @ 95/65-lbs.


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Lisa C.: 17:16 (25-lb. dbs)
Tom G.: 18:15 (20-lb. dbs, 12-12/8-8-8 pushup; 15 no pushup burpee)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Adrienne W.: 95-lbs., 11:53 (50-lbs.)
Anna G.: 90-lbs., 9:30 (1 min du practice, 45-lbs. pp from rack)
Terry A.: 50-lbs., 10:55 (1 min du practice, 35-lbs.)
Carlos U.: 120-lbs.*, 10:26 (1 min du practice, 65-lbs.)
Sarah G.: 55-lbs.*, 11:59 (20 singles, 8 pp w/ 35-lbs.)
Brandon B.: 130-lbs.*, 8:43 (1 min du practice, 75-lbs.)
Rami B.: 110-lbs., 11:19 (65-lbs.)
Anu B.: 130-lbs., 9:29 (75-lbs.)
Walt C.: 135-lbs., 8:48 (75-lbs.)
Patrick H.: 105-lbs.*, 11:17 (1 min du practice, 65-lbs.)
Edgar J.: 125-lbs.*, 11:45 (75-lbs.)
Alex S.: 105-lbs.*, 10:06 (1 min du practice, 65-lbs.)
Charlotte L.: 55-lbs.*, 13:24 (50 singles, 40-lbs.)
Brian Z.: 105-lbs.*, 11:55 (1 min du practice 75-lbs.)
John Sh.:  175-lbs.*, 8:37 (1 min du practice, 75-lbs.)
Sophie Z.: 85-lbs.*, 11:51 (1 min du practice, 50-lbs.)
Chase H.: 130-lbs., 10:12 (95-lbs.)
John N.: 145-lbs.*, 9:09 (75-lbs.)
Emily P.: 100-lbs.*, 7:06 (65-lbs.)
Morgan W.: 95-lbs., 11:24 (65-lbs.)
Hal B.: 145-lbs.*, 9:50 (75-lbs. pp from rack)
Tarek K.: 180-lbs.*, 10:01 (1 min du practice, 95-lbs.)
David K.: 145-lbs.*, 9:11 (1 min du practice, 75-lbs.)
Thomas: 115-lbs., 10:11 (65-lbs.)
Hanna G.: 165-lbs.*, 6:43 (65-lbs.)
Kate G.: 160-lbs.*, 7:24 (65-lbs.)
Bill M.: 120-lbs., 8:04 (1 min du practice, 65-lbs.)
Dave R.: 195-lbs., 5:57 (95-lbs.)
Matt A.: 115-lbs., 8:10 (1 min du practice, 65-lbs.)
Michael H.: 155-lbs., 6:37 (75-lbs.)
Patrick J.: 160-lbs., 7:02 (75-lbs.)
Ralph B.: 175-lbs., 8:32 (1 min du practice, 75-lbs.)
Drew P.: 200-lbs., 6:03 (95-lbs. pp from rack)
Al C.: 210-lbs., 7:12 (95-lbs.)
Charlie K.: 165-lbs.*, 8:26 (75-lbs.)
Adam R.: 175-lbs.*, 8:41 (40 du, 85-lbs.)
Melody F.: 130-lbs.*, 7:06 (65-lbs.)
Greg M.: 125*-lbs., 9:55 (DU practice, 65-lbs.)
Ross B.: 210*-lbs., 6:15 (95-lbs.)
Michael A.: 145*-lbs., 7:15 (75-lbs.)
Diana G.: 47-lbs., 10:30 (60 sec bike, 35-lbs.)
Andrew Z.: 185*-lbs., 7:35 (95-lbs.)
Sean Q.: 210*-lbs., 5:36 (95-lbs.)
Graham F.: 165*-lbs., 10:34 (DU practice, 95-lbs.)
Natsuda C.: 50*-lbs., 10:50 (DU practice, 35-lbs.)
Beau R.: 145*-lbs., 8:45 (95-lbs.)
Mark B.: 115*-lbs.,  (DU practice, 65-lbs.)
Sofia C.: 50*-lbs., 10:15 (DU practice, 35-lbs.)
Karl P.: 105*-lbs., 10:50 (DU practice, 75-lbs.)
Ben B.: 140*-lbs., 8:39 (DU practice, 70-lbs.)
Yao Z.: 155*-lbs., 9:48 (75-lbs.)
Julian M.: 155*-lbs., 10:05 (DU practice, 75-lbs.)
Matt R.: 165*-lbs., 8:58 (DU practice, 85-lbs.)
Pedro L.: 100*-lbs., 10:00 (DU practice, 55-lbs.)
Charlie S.: 150*-lbs., 6:53 (75-lbs.)
Justin G.: 140*-lbs., 9:48 (DU practice, 75-lbs.)
Sean G.: 225*-lbs., 6:01 (95-lbs.)
Miran A.: 125*-lbs., 9:23 (DU practice, 65-lbs.)
Tommy H.: 225*-lbs., 4:32 (95-lbs.)
Mike L.: 165*-lbs.
Yousi A.: 95*-lbs., 11:12 (55-lbs.)
Rich H.: 225*-lbs., 5:11, (95-lbs.)
Kara K.: 105*-lbs., 8:43 (65-lbs.)
Andrew W.: 155*-lbs., 8:32 (75-lbs.)
Elliot M.: 145*-lbs., 9:36 (65-lbs., 1' du practice)
Ishi B.: 155*-lbs., 9:05 (75-lbs., 1' du practice)
Nate S.: 135*-lbs., 7:34 (65-lbs.)
Seth B.: 165-lbs., 6:53 (75-lbs., 50 single unders)
Amr M.: 145*-lbs., 9:40 (75-lbs., 10 DU)
John Sa.: 140*-lbs., 10:22 (75-lbs.)
Rony J.: 80*-lbs., 8:43 (40-lbs., 20 DU)
Nicole B.: 130*-lbs., 10:12 (65-lbs, 200m row)
Mark D.: 125*-lbs., 9:55 (65-lbs., 1' bike)
Inna A.: 125*-lbs., 10:25 (60-lbs., 40 DU)