Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday, November 20, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

WOD (No Measure)

In Gym:
at light weights, every minute, on-the-minute, for 10 minutes:
2 hang power snatch

then, in teams of two, for time:
200x swing @ 70/55-lbs.
One partner swings at a time. The “resting” partner holds a plank.

At Home:
for time:
100x object swing –or– 200x sit-up
*At the top of every minute, complete a 20-second plank hold

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  1. MPH | November 21, 2022 at 12:23 pm

    -MPH Inside the Box Scores-
    Leo J.: 65-lbs. / 50-lbs kb
    Edgar J.: 75-lbs. / 55-lbs kb

    Richard G.: 75-lbs. / 35-lbs kb
    Rony J:  50-lbs. / 35-lbs. kb
    Jen D.: 60-lbs. / 35-lbs. kb

    Sean F.: 105-lbs. / 70-lbs kb
    RJ S.: 75-lbs. / 45-lbs. kb

    John Sh.: 85-lbs. / 55-lbs kb
    Will H.: 75-lbs. / 55-lbs. kb

    Damund W.: 65-lbs. / 25-lbs. kb
    Sarah G.: 45-lbs. / 25-lbs.

    Lindsey H.: 55-lbs. / 35-lbs kb
    Brenda B.: 40-lbs. / 20-lbs. kb

    Dan H.: 65-lbs. / 70-lbs. kb
    Bobby H.: 85-lbs. / 55 & 35-lbs. kb

    Al C.: 105-lbs. / 70-lbs. kb
    Patrick J.: 65-lbs. (high hang muscle snatch) / 55-lbs. kb (russian swing)
    Rajeev R.: 65-lbs. / 55-lbs. kb


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