Saturday, July 30, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

"Bend and Snap" six rounds for time: 5x deadlift @ 275/185-lbs. 10x lateral burpee 10x chest-to-bar pull-up Compare results to September 6, 2019.


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Borja G.: 11:26 (10x weighted glute bridge, 50-lbs., kipping pull-up)
Thomas R.: 16:31 (205-lbs., 10x kipping pull-up)
Nick C.: 15:30 (185-lbs., 10x banded pull-up)
Nick W.: 14:28 (225-lbs., 6x chest to bar)
Dave R.: 13:59 Rx
Michael O.: 16:00 (145-lbs., 7x lateral burpee, 6x banded pull-up)
Rony J.: 15:01 (135-lbs., 7x lateral burpee, 6x banded pull-up)
Ishi B.: 17:48 (185-lbs., 10x kipping pull-up)
Edgar J.: 16:40 (175-lbs, 8x banded pull-up)
Andrew W.: 15:40 (205-lbs., 7x kipping pull-up)
Yousi A.: 15:20 (135-lbs., 10/7x banded pull-up)
Bobby H.: 14:34 (185-lbs., 10x kipping pull-up)
Hanna G.: 15:09 (205-lbs.) 
Chase H.: 13:29 (185-lbs., 10x kipping pull-up)
Luke B.: 13:50 (185-lbs., 7x kipping pull-up)
David K.: 15:35 (185-lbs., 10x chest-to-bar)
Michael F.: 17:33 (225-lbs, 7x kipping pull-up, 7x lateral burpee)
John N.: 17:44 (195-lbs.)
Adriana B.: 14:17 (125-lbs., 7x kipping pull-up)
Walt C.: 14:55 (185-lbs., 10 kipping pull-up)
Will H.: 15:09 (165-lbs., 10x kipping pull-up)
Julia H.: 15:29 (145-lbs., 10x kipping pull-up)
Zac D.: 14:36 (225-lbs.)
Sean G.: 9:48 (275-lbs.)
Sean Q.: 13:48 (225-lbs.)
Ryan C.: 10:20 (275-lbs.)
Terry A.: 17:25 (115-lbs., 7 walk-over-bar burpees, 7 banded strict pull-up)
Andrew C.: 16:53 (255-lbs.,10 kipping pull-up)
Bill G.: 14:30 (275-lbs., 10 burpees, 15 ring rows)
Matt R.: 14:25 (275-lbs.)
Dan H.: 16:09 (225-lbs., 7 kipping pull-up)
Francesco M.: 15:30 (135-lbs., 6 banded strict pull-up)
Brenda B.: 16:19 (95-lbs., 10 ring rows)
Kate G.: 15:59 (185-lbs.)
Mike L.: 15:22 (185-lbs., 10 kipping pull-up)
Jahari H.: 13:43
Melody F.: 15:40 (185-lbs., 8 c2b)
Al C.: 16:45 rx
Patrick J.: 16:28; 135-lbs, 5x C2B/5x Pull-up