Thursday, September 1, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

"Pocket Power Ranger"
nine rounds for time:
1x shoulder press @ 115/75-lbs.
7x thruster
9x single-leg squat (alternating, total)

Compare results to December 20, 2021.


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Leo J.: 12:43, 55-lbs. (pole assist)
Brandon B.: 14:10, 85-lbs. (pole assist)
Sam R.: 14:40, 85-lbs. 
Tucker H.: 14:39, 95-lbs. (plate/pole assist)
Daniel H.: 14:57, 85-lbs. (pole assist)
Nate S.: 12:46, 85-lbs. (pole assist)
Borja G.: 13:45, 75-lbs.
Jerry I.: 15:27, 85-lbs. (pole assist)
Sarah H.: 13:36, 55-lbs. (pole assist)
Anya W.: 12:57, 55-lbs. (pole assist)
Dan B.: 15:44, 85-lbs. (pole assist)
Joy L.: 12:14, 35-lbs. (pole assist)
Melody F.: 16:40, 75-lbs.
Julia H.: 17:08, 65-lbs. (plate assist)
Abbey O.: 15:38, 40-lbs. (pole assist)
Mark B.: 12:18, 65-lbs. (pole assist)
Nick W.: 11:15, 75-lbs. (pole assist)
Ella W.: 11:15, 65-lbs. (2x bodyweight lunge)
Chris G.: 12:35, 65-lbs. (rds 1-4 65-lbs., rds 5-8 53-lbs., bodyweight lunge)
Luke B.: 12:35, 75-lbs. (pole assist)
Sofia C.: 13:12, 35-lbs. (bodyweight lunge)
Nick C.: 14:40, 75-lbs. (plate assist)
Chase H.: 15:39, 75-lbs. (pole assist)
Francisco L.: 14:22, 75-lbs. (pole assist)
Dave R.: 13:34, 115-lbs.
Drew P.: 11:29, 95-lbs. (pull from rack, odd rds 18 lunge)
Brenda B.: 35-lbs. (pole assist, 7 rds)
Frank P.: 12:09, 75-lbs. (2x lunge)
Margaret A.: 13:55, 75-lbs.
Kate G.: 10:50, 75-lbs.
Ralph B.: 12:30, 95-lbs. (odd rds pole assist, even rds 2x lunge)
Matt R.: 12:49, 75-lbs. (pole assist)
Nathan A.: 14:35, 65-lbs. (12 lunge)
Sean G.: 12:16, 115-lbs.
Greg M.: 14:10, 65-lbs. (pole assist)
John Sh.: 14:56, 95-lbs. (pole assist)
John N.: 14:44, 75-lbs. (pole assist)
Ryan B.: 14:39, 63-lbs. (pole assist)
Tommy H.: 16:48, 115-lbs.
Justin M.: 19:15, 85-lbs. (plate under heel)
Molly B.: 20:37, 55-lbs. (plate under heel)
Nicholas G.: 15:00, 45-lbs. (5 thruster, 6 lunge)
Yousi A.: 14:50, 55-lbs. (pole assist)
Ishi B.: 16:10, 85-lbs. (pole assist)
Jahari H.: 19:12, 115-lbs. (plate under heel)
Mike L.: 17:35, 85-lbs.
Lauren N.: 15:32, 55-lbs (2x lunge)
Adam R.: 12:37, 85-lbs. (pole assist)
Brian T.: 15:00, 95-lbs. (sls off box, 6 rounds)
Rony J.: 15:42, 55*-lbs. (pole assist)
John Sa.: 16:25, 75-lbs. 
Nicole B.: 15:35, 65-lbs. (lunge)