Sunday, October 23, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

“Marjoram Spice” four rounds for time: 75x double under 200m run @ 20/14-lbs. 15x toes-to-bar Compare results to October 24, 2021.


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Andrew W.; 18:26; DU practice, 20-lbs, T2A
Edgar J.: 18:00;  DU practice, 20-lbs, T2A 
Sarah G.: 17:58; DU practice, 7 burpees, T2A
Katarina W.: 16:08; DU practice, 10-lbs, T2A
Bill G.: 15:34; 15 cal bike, 10 double push-up burpee, virtual T2B
Zach 17:03; rx
Yao 16:30; DU practice, 20-lbs, T2B
Jahari H.: 18:15; rx
Kiely 16:15; 15 cal bike, 250m row, T2A
John S.: 18:20; rx
Alex S.: 18:25; DU practice, 20-lbs, T2A
Nick C.: 15:30; rx
Rony J.: 17:00; DU practice, 14-lbs, T2A
Terry A.: 18:48; DU practice, 10-lbs, T2A
Anna G.: 16:58; DU practice, 10-lbs, T2A
Andrew C.: 17:23; DU practice, 20-lbs, T2A
Hal B.: 17:17; 20-lbs., T2A
Dan H>: 19:15; DU practice, 20-lbs, T2A
Al C.: 14:44; rx
Patrick J.: 17:39; 15 cal bike, T2A