Friday, October 28, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

“Zombieland: Escape From Church Street” in teams of two, for time: 70x clean @ 125/83-lbs. 400m carry @ 110/70-lbs. 70x thruster 400m carry 40x strict zombie grip pull-up 1-mile run Compare results to October 31, 2020.


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Daniel H. (95-lbs., 110-lb farmer carry) & Hanna G. (83-lbs., 70-lbs. farmer carry): 28:05 
Kara K. (75-lbs., 60-lb farmer carry, banded PU) & Leo J. (65-lbs., 90-lbs. farmer's carry, banded zombie) & Sarah G. (25-lbs, 40-lb farmer carry, ring row, bike): 27:57 
Will H. (75-lbs., 90-lb. farmer carry, 20 ring rows) & Walt C. (75-lbs., 90-lbs. farmer carry): 31:09
Stuart J. (75-lbs., 100-lb. farmer carry, banded zombie), Sophie Z. (55-lbs., 70-lb. farmer carry, banded pu), & Alex S. (55-lbs., 90-lb. farmer carry, banded zombie): 31:12
John Sh. (85-lbs., 90-lb. farmer carry, 800m run) & Zach J. (110-lbs. farmer carry): 29:35
Tarek K. (75-lbs., 90-lbs farmer carry, jumping pu, 800m run), Diana G. (35-lbs., 40-lb. farmer carry, banded pu, 800m run), & Nick C. (70-lbs., 70-lb. farmer carry, banded pu): 31:26 
Brian Z. (65-lbs., 80-lb. farmer carry) & Hal B. (65-lbs., 80-lb. farmer carry, banded pu): 30:51
Mark B. (55-lbs., 60-lb. farmer carry., banded pu) & Chris G. (65-lbs., 70-lbs. farmer carry, zombie banded): 31:21
Kate G. (83-lbs., 70-lbs. farmers carry) & Mel F. (83-lbs., 70-lbs. farmer carry):  31:05
Dave R. (125-lbs., 110-lbs. farmers carry, 95-lbs. thruster) & Al C. (95-lbs., 110-lbs. farmer carry): 31: 47
Jen D. (55-lbs., 50-lbs. farmer carry, banded pu) & Rony J. (65-lbs., 70-lbs. farmer carry, 55-lbs. thruster, banded pu): 34:12
Pedro L. (55-lbs., 70-lbs. farmers carry, 15 zombie pu) & RJ A. (65-lbs., 70-lbs. farmer carry, 15 zombie pu): 31:15
Matt A. (75-lbs., 80-lbs. farmers carry) & Patrick J. (75-lbs., 70-lbs. farmers carry, pull-ups): 30:02
Morgan M. (125-lbs., front squat for clean, strict burpee for thruster, 30 bodyrow) & Anya M.: (65-lbs., 60-lb. farmer carry, banded zombie): 27:39
Zac E.: (85-lbs., 90-lb. farmer carry, banded pu) & Tommy H.: (105-lbs., 110-lb. farmer carry): 34:01
Mike L. (85-lbs., 90-lb. farmer carry) & Justin G. (85-lbs., 90-lb. farmer carry): 34:44
Nathan A. (53-lbs., 70-lb. farmer carry, banded pu) & Kate B. (35-lbs., 50-lb. farmer carry, banded zombie):  32:32
John B. (85-lbs., 90-lb. farmer carry) & Beau R. (95-lbs., 90-lb. farmer carry): 32:00
Rich H. (125-lbs., 110-lbs. farmers carry, 100 burpees) & Sean Q. (125-lbs., 110-lbs. farmers carry, 800m run): 28:38
Jahari H.  (125-lbs., 110-lbs. farmers carry) & Sean G.  (125-lbs., 110-lbs. farmers carry): 29:15
Andrew W. (85-lbs. 90-lbs. farmer's carry, 65-lbs. thruster) & Matthew R. (95-lbs. 100-lbs. farmer's carry, 75-lbs. push press): 28:28
Ishi B. (75-lbs., 80-lbs. farmer's carry, 800m run) & Yousi A.: (65-lbs., 30-lbs. farmer's carry, banded zombie, 800m run): 19:45
David K. (75-lbs., 70-lbs. farmer's carry), Michael Fo. (75-lbs., 70-lbs. farmer's carry, bodyrow): & John N, (75-lbs., 70-lbs. farmer's carry): 33:38
Bill G.: (125-lbs., 110-lbs. bodyrow, 100 cal. bike), Seth B.: (95-lbs., 90-lbs. farmer's carry, bodyrow, 1600m row): 32:18
Inna A.: (65-lbs., 70-lbs., banded) + John Sa. (75-lbs. 90-lbs. farmer's carry): 31:22

-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Lisa C.: 21:32 (15-lb. dbs; weighted renegade row, 8' run)
Ross B.: 23:35
Rami B.: 19:33 (50 Supermans, 75 reverse lunges, 50 squats, 75 reverse lunges, 80 rows, 200 j jacks))